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Making It In Chicago on $13/hour

As the cost of living continues to increase, learning how to make your dollars stretch as far as they can is an important part of survival. The prices in Chicago can be significantly higher than other states, and finding ways to make it on $13.00 an hour can be challenging. How much does that equate to? In annual dollars, that’s about $26,000 per year or a little more. While that may not seem ...
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Long Haul VS Short Haul, Which is right for you?

Drive by most any mall or strip-centre, and you are likely to see multiple empty storefronts. Sure this is in part due to our slow economy; but it is also a product of an increasing number of people selecting to “Shop-on-Line” rather than visit brick and mortar stores. It is important to remember, that it’s truckers that bring these goods to people’s homes and businesses. As a trucker you pl...
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Mexican Insurance

Tourist Auto Insurance / Automóviles Turistas [caption id="attachment_1042" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Seguro de Auto, Mexico"][/caption]Do I need a Mexican car permit?Only if you plan to drive in mainland Mexico beyond the border areas, or plan to transport a vehicle by ferry from Baja California to mainland Mexico. Permits are not required for travel on the Baja California penin...
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¿Qué hacer después de un accidente de automóvil

En los 50 años que Urban Insurance ha estado en negocio, nunca hemos hablado con un solo cliente que estaba "feliz" que acababa de ser implicado en un accidente. La verdad es que los accidentes ocurren incluso al mejor de los conductores. Cuando ocurre un accidente es necesario mantener la calma, recoger la información necesaria y hacer un informe oportuno.Lo primero que debe hacer al ser involucr...
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Ofrecemos Certificados de SR22 el mismo dia

Agencia de seguros Urban entiende las necesidades de los clientes del seguro SR22. [caption id="attachment_765" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Ofrecemos Certificados de SR22 el mismo dia[/caption] Si usted está obligado a presentar una SR22 la agencia de Seguros Urban puede hacer todas sus notificaciones necesarias a la Secretaría del Estado. Podemos presentar los formularios de forma elec...
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seguro nacional revela los 10 coches superiores robados en 2003

Un informe 2005 publicado por la oficina del crimen del seguro nacional revela los 10 coches superiores robados en 2003 coincide con la lista de la mayoría de los vehículos populares. Los ladrones del coche todavía van después de los vehículos lo más comúnmente posible poseídos de las naciones. Está claro que la mayor parte de estos automóviles están tomados para llenar el mercado subterráneo para...
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Weather and Insurance Premiums

It is impossible to turn on the news without hearing stories about "Global warming", storms, 100 year floods and hurricanes. These stories come with frightening images of twisted metal, flooded streets and cars thrown about as if they were a child»s forgotten toys. Our hearts goes out to those who»s life’s have been literally turned up side down. We understand, that even those lucky enough not to ...
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Video Information Page

Since 1961, Urban Insurance Agency has been helping customers save money on their car insurance. We represent sixteen different companies In order to find you the lowest price on your Auto Insurance. After 45 years we have learned all of the information needed to save you money while making sure you have just the right coverage. We have agents waiting for your call or email. We feature SR22 fil...
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Medicar and Medical Transportation Insurance

Medicar and Medical Transportation InsuranceUrban Insurance Agency is happy to announce that we offer Medi-car service insurance at the lowest prices in the Chicago Metropolitan area.With health costs skyrocketing, an ever-increasing number of medical procedures are being performed on an “Outpatient” basis. As a result, today many people find themselves in need of transportation to and from me...
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The Ten “Coolest” cars of all time

By Lane Lubell age 10 This is a list of the 10 coolest cars. I’m not old enough to drive yet but when I do get to be 16 I would love to getone of these cars for a birthday present. Some of these cars are real cars, some are one of a kind, and others are carsthat are just from cartoons. What they all have in common is they are all fast and fun. These are my favorite cars, what are y...
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