Car Insurance for Women

woman-drivingWomen drivers have been the subject of many a joke, but the statistical data from car insurance companies, confirms that women deserve lower rates on car insurance.

Women pay less for their car insurance, because they have fewer, as well as less severe auto accidents than men. The data showing woman drivers have fewer claims than men of the same age; is based on more than 50 years of research from auto insurance companies. These statistics have remained rather constant over time. When searching for car insurance for woman, it is important to forget the stereotypes, shop for the best car insurance rate, and then select a company you can trust.

Allstate insurance, has rolled out a number of commercials portraying  “Women Drivers” as a group of reckless, vain, Air-heads that pose a danger to male drivers, as well as Allstate’s bottom line. Not only are spots disrespectful of woman buying car insurance; but they are also clearly factually incorrect.  Such stereotypes have no place in 21st century America, especially coming from an insurance company that has the data proving it wrong.  This is particularly true concerning young woman drivers. Teen woman, have substantially lower incidents of car accidents than teen boys. A recent study by Carnegie-Mellon, found male drivers to have twice the possibility of being involved in fatal accidents compared to female drivers.  If there is any truth to the idea of woman checking their make-up while driving, increasing risk; it is more than made-up for by the more aggressive driving habits of men.

No one wants to over-pay for their car insurance; so it is well worth the time to shop for the best car insurance rate. Let’s be honest; no one likes buying Auto insurance. Drivers buy Car Insurance because the State requires proof of car insurance, and or because they recognize that having a car accident without Auto coverage can leave them libel for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

The price you will pay for car insurance will vary greatly from insurance company to insurance company. That is why Urban Auto Insurance offers insurance Quotes from sixteen different Insurance companies. At Urban Auto, we will search to find you the lowest rates for the coverage you need.  We also have companies that offer cheap car insurance for women.

A car is a major investment, and being caught driving without insurance can cost you thousands of dollars. With that in mind it is critical to select a company you can trust. We at Urban Insurance Agency, take great pride in the quality of service that we provide to our customers. We understand that there are a vast number of companies in the marketplace competing for your insurance business. While there are a few “Shady Operators” out there; the vast number of companies and agents are honest and offer a legitimate product. It is that belief that pushes us at Urban to consistently strive for “Total Customer- Satisfaction.”   Urban Auto Insurance is proud to receive an A+ rating from the BBB. We have been helping people find the lowest car insurance rates for over 50 years.

When searching for car insurance for women, it is important to forget the stereotypes; that we have proven to be false.  Shop for the lowest car insurance rates, look for companies that offer special cheap insurance rates for woman.  When you select Urban Auto Insurance; you can rest easy knowing that you found a company you can trust.
So next time a guy  jokes about “Women drivers”, show them a copy of this article confirming that woman deserve lower rates on car insurance.

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