Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show

I have missed the Chicago Auto Show only a handful of years since my parents first brought me at the age of seven. I in turn have taken my son at least 18 of his 23 years. The auto show is one of those events that lends itself to family traditions. As I walked the floor, it was heartwarming to see the large number of parents doing their best to keep up with children, excitingly darting from one to the next shiny-new car. For generations, American has been in love with cars

The Chicago Auto Show made its debut back in 1901, seven years before the introduction of Ford’s Model T. In those earliest years, the automobile was considered little more than curiosity or toy, but within 10 years they began to be a rising force in or economy. The Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) lists itself as “the nation’s oldest and largest metropolitan dealer organization,” and as the producer of the Chicago Auto Show since 1935. Chicago is the largest auto show in North America, and holds the distinction of being held “more times than any other auto exposition on the continent.” With the announcement that Detroit is moving The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) back to June starting 2020, Chicago’s show becomes the premier venue for manufactures unveiling their new designs to North America.

This is the 111th edition of the Chicago Auto Show (the math confirms there must have been seven years when the show did not run). Over that time car designs have changed but American’s love affair with the auto stays strong.

Chicago Auto Show       Larry Lubell


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