I Have Poor Credit, Can I get Car Insurance?

No Credit Check

Yes. At Urban Insurance Agency, “Poor Credit” or “No Credit” is never a problem!

More and more companies are running credit checks prior to providing an insurance quote. For example, Progressive, Geico car insurance, State Farm and esurance.com, are among a list of carriers that will not provide an insurance quote without first pulling your credit report.

The cost of bad credit can often be greater than having several tickets on your driving record.
Urban Insurance Agency does not surcharge for credit. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

Urban Insurance Agency has been helping people save on their car insurance in Chicago land for more than 50 years. We offer the lowest car insurance Quotes in Chicago on SR-22 filings, SR22 car insurance, non-owners, liability insurance and electronic filings. We can help drivers in Chicago, Illinois get the lowest quotes even if they have a DUI, suspended license or pending suspension. We also have low rates for Insurance on Tow trucks, Messengers and long and short trucking. We sell insurance in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Mississippi,

Remember, no credit check at Urban Insurance Agency.
Call 800-680-0707 for a free quote.


2 thoughts on “I Have Poor Credit, Can I get Car Insurance?

  1. i live in michigan, but when i type in my zip code, it doesnt want to give me a quote, the above paragraph days you sell ins in michigan, do you?

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