What to do in case of an Auto Accident

What to do in case of an Auto Accident and how to report a claim.

No one wants to be involved in an auto accident; but even the best drivers can find themselves in that very situation.
When an accident happens, it is required that you report the claim to us, as well as to complete and file a report with the police.
First thing to do is to confirm that you, and any passengers in your own car are free from injury. It is then important that you move your vehicle out of the road to avoid any additional danger.
Check that the other driver, other occupants in their car, or any pedestrians are uninjured. If anyone is hurt, immediately call for help.
Everyone has a cell phone capable of taking pictures, as the expressions goes, each of which is worth a thousand words. It is a great idea to snap several photos of your auto as well as the other vehicle involved in the accident.

Below you will find an Auto Accident Claim Form. You can use this form to gather the information you will need to report to your insurance company in case of an Auto Accident.

Auto Accident Claim Form

Personal Information

Phone –  –  (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Verify Email


Car 1 (Your Car)
Year of Car
Name of Driver
Owner of Car

Their Policy #
Their Insurance Company

Car 2 (The other Car involved)
Year of Car
Name of Driver
Owner of Car


Information on the loss.
Date of Loss
Time of Loss
Were any tickets Given, if so to whom
Is your car drivable?
Was any one injured?


Describe the accident or loss.
What took place


Report a Claim

We have provided this form so you can start your insurance claim process online,
but please understand that you are still required to contact us by phone at 1-800-680-0707.

Click Here to Report Claim 

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