Phone Outage

There is currently a worldwide Phone Outage.

November, 09, 2021

Problems earlier today shut down internet services to Comcast  and AT+T customers, those issues knocked out all VOIP phones operating over their internet connections. The outage caused many police and emergency  services to be unavailable. Those problems have been repaired; but no sooner were some systems back up, other phone services went back down.

Our underlying carrier for inbound calling is under DDoS attack. Mitigation through Cloudflare is in progress but we expect a number of failed calls and high latency in the network until malicious traffic is fully absorbed. We are continuing to monitor the issue. 

We are working to help our customers during this phone outage via cell phones and email, unfortunately I’m not going to solve a worldwide communication problem from my desk. No government agency will give me that power, which is good, because if I attempted to fix such a massive technology problem, I doubt the world would ever have phone service again.

There is an outage that is affecting the underlying carriers that are handling PSTN calls. The issue started Nov 9, 18:24 UTC. It is not a PBX issue but number terminations to the PSTN network affecting the SIP trunks. Our partners are still in investigating stage and we receive their updates regularly. We will keep you posted.
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