Car Insurance

“Why does my insurance cost more than my friends?”

Over the 50 years that Urban Insurance has been selling Insurance in Chicago, the single most frequent question we are asked is “Why does the cost of insurance vary so much from one person to the next?  The second most common question is “Which Company has the cheapest rates”? I will tie these two questions together because require a brief understanding of the factors that determine the cost any i...
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3 Ways we’ve simplified shopping for Car Insurance.

While no one loves shopping for insurance, Urban has made the process quicker and easier than ever before. By utilizing the newest technologies, we have streamlined the process of getting multiple competitive quotes in real-time with just a fraction of the number of questions that other companies require. Whether you choose to use our “Online Rater,” Mobile application or call and speak direct...
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Google’s Self-Driving Cars, Will I Still Need Insurance?

Back in 4th grade I checked out a book from our the school library with the title “Cars of Tomorrow.”  The pages were filled with illustrations depicting what the author believed would be in our driveways 30 and 40 years in the future. I hate to show my age, but that time has arrived so where are the Flying cars? I assume that at the time of landing on the moon, we were all guilty of over esti...
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Car thefts surge 22% in Chicago

I have  worked at Urban Insurance Agency for more than 25 years. As an agency that specializes in  auto insurance, I have seen a direct pattern between economic "Hard Times" and a surge in auto thefts. While the Bank closings and collapse of the “Sub-Prime” markets never brought us to the depths of the “Depression,” there is a sense that the “New-Normal” is dreary at best.  Yes, we have improved g...
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