Driving in snow

Driving safely in Snow

Winter has once again hit Chicago, leaving people to dig their cars out after heavy, wet, snow piled up to as much as 10 inches in parts of the Chicago suburbs. This weather causes slick conditions on our roads, and limits visibility; by noon today we already had 11 insureds report accidents, proving the importance of driving safely in snow.When roads are covered with snow and ice it can prese...
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10 Tips for Driving in Snow,

Snow has come to Chicago, and clearly seems to be behaving badly and over-staying its welcome. Driving in snow poses a variety of hazards, from slower stopping times, impaired vision, and cars slipping and sliding their way across the roads. Newer cars with traction control and antilock brakes plus the large number of vehicles with 4-wheel-drive, do help, but they can also fool drivers into a fa...
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