Why is gas still so expensive?

 America has largely achieved the right to claim energy independence, since our energy exports have surpassed net imports; so Why is gas still so expensive?We were told oil was a commodity, of which, the world  had  a limited supply. That in but a few decades we would be running out, and leading up to that day, prices would soar.  As oil steadily rose to over $100/ barrel in June of 2014,...
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10 Ways to Save Gas

Owning and maintaining a car has never been cheap. And, gas is one of the biggest, of those expenses. With gas prices at all time highs, this has never been truer. But you can save gas and save money if you follow the following tips. Check your tire pressure. Under inflated tires increase resistance and are the number one cause of avoidable fuel loss. Wheel alignment alert. Misaligned, unbal...
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