Lower than Geico

10 Secrets to Saving On Car Insurance

10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance CostsAfter 28 years of selling Auto Insurance for Urban, I am still amazed by how wide the range of insurance prices can be between one call and the next. Obviously being a safe driver with a clear track-record free from at-fault car insurance claims, is a major factor in helping you get the lowest price on your car insurance. The greatest mistake car-owners make...
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We average savings of over 45% over Geico

At Urban Insurance Agency, we understand how hard you work for your money; that is why we search more than 15 different companies in order to find you the lowest rates. Our rates can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your car insurance. We average savings of over 45% over Geico. In a resent article, titled *Insurance.com’s 2006 Auto Insurance Pricing Report. They state that the average p...
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