Insurance for Medicar Plates.

Looking for Insurance for Medicar Plates?If you operate a Nonemergency Transportation company (Medicar), then you know that your MC plates come due on June 30th. You also know that the police will be out looking for any Medicar driving on expired plates. The limits of liability required are set at $250,000/$250,000/$50,000 in the state of Illinois. Without an Accord certificate of insurance pr...
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Medicar Insurance and Medical Transportation

Urban Insurance Agency is happy to announce that we offer Medi-car service insurance at the lowest prices in the Chicago Metropolitan area. With health costs skyrocketing, an ever-increasing number of medical procedures are being preformed on an “Out Patient” basis. As a result, today many people find them selves in need of transportation to and from medical appointments. Many of these people a...
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