5 Reasons to Day Trip in Downers Grove

Downers Grove is a highly popular vacation spot located in york, DuPage County, Illinois – just 25 miles outside of Chicago. Known for its quiet, quaint surroundings, Downers Grove has become a model for small-tourist towns in the region. The town is home to more than 140 community events and festivals every year. With a population of just 47,833, the 600 acres of parks and recreational space have made the area a popular location choice for vacations, day trips, and events. Five reasons why you should consider spending an extended stay in Downers Grove include;

Chicago at Night

Forbes Friendliest Towns

Downers Grove was honored with its inclusion on the Forbes “America’s Friendliest Towns” list. It finished in 8th place. Other cities included on the list include Sammamish, WA and Orinda, CA. The list was created in conjunction with Nextdoor.com, using data pulled from their local social network. Forbes determined that home ownership played a key role in neighborhood stability. Downers Grove enjoys an 80% home ownership rate.

Tons of Events

Downers Grove is home to more than 140 events each and every year. Planning your day trip around an event is a great idea and can help you to greatly improve your trip. With the focus that the city has placed on tourism, there are an unending number of events and activities that you can indulge in while visiting this beautiful area.


Some of the Regions Best Restaurants

Downers Grove is also home to some of the regions best restaurants – and that is saying a lot, given how close the city is to Chicago. The downtown area is home to more than 15 restaurants, spanning many different food types. Popular options include;

  • Chama Gauch – An upscale Brazilian Streakhouse that is considered one of the best restaurants located in the Chicago area. Located downtown on Finley Rd, Chama Gauch attracts individuals from all around the region with delectable Brazilian steak.
  • Angelo’s Pizza – Looking for something a little cheaper, but still delicious? Angelo’s Pizza is regarded as one of the best Pizzerias in the Chicago area – which says a lot about a region that is known for their tasty pizza.
  • Kyoto Japanese Restaurant – Kyoto Japenese Restaurant has excellent sushi available at a reasonable rate. This well-reviewed restaurant has been a hometown favorite since opening their doors.

Morton Arboretum’s Beautiful Grounds

Morton Arboretum’s beautiful gardens are a huge attraction, located just nine miles outside of the Downers Grove city center. The arboretum is home to more than 222,000 plants, spanning 4,300 species. Every plant housed within the gardens are from the northern temperature zone, from a total of 30 different species. There are more than 90 species of plants located in the arboretum that are currently listed on the endangered species list – making this one of the only opportunities you will have to see many of these species.

Tivoli Theatre

Tivoli theatre is a popular attraction in Downers Grove. This old-style theatre features a film noir theme. Viewers are seated in old fashioned seats, the curtain is pulled back from the screen, and an organ plays in the main hall. Many movies feature intervals, especially movies with longer run-times. Best of all – the theatre features many discounted second-run movies that allow you to experience the old-style at an extremely discounted rate.


Downers Grove has become a popular locations in the Chicago region. Their excellent attractions, delicious restaurants and quiet environment make the town an excellent choice for a summer or autumn day trip.

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