Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for Car Insurance or Commercial Insurance? We know buying insurance can be confusing.
The list below includes some of the common Insurance questions that we are frequently asked.
If you have a question, please contact us at 312-664-8088 or 1-800-680-0707.

Q. What is Covered Under Basic Auto Policy?
Q. Six Reasons to Choose Urban for Your Auto Insurance
Q. Why Choose Urban Auto Insurance?
Q. 10 Secrets to Saving On Car Insurance
Q. What to do after an Auto Accident
Q. License Plate Renewal
Q. Auto Insurance Information
Q. Low Cost Car Insurance
Q. Do Women pay less for car insurance than Men?
Q. Insurance for PT Plates
Q. Need SR22?
Q. You can rely on Urban Insurance.
Q. What to do after an Auto Accident
Q. Chicago Car Insurance Claims increase, are they part of a Worldwide Trend?
Q. Student Auto Insurance
Q. Have Life Insurance rates been reduced?
Q. Truth about Car Insurance Savings.
Q. Low Cost SR-22 Filings
Q. Urban Insurance has a BBB rating of A+
Q. Do you still write Tow Truck Insurance?
Q. Tow Truck Insurance, Turn to Urban Insurance.
Q. Urban Insurance recieves BBB Accredited Status
Q. Is Car Insurance Required by Law?
Q. What Forms of Payment do You Accept?
Q. How do Urban Insurance Agency’s Rates Compare to Geico?
Q. Does the Type of Car I Drive Change my Car Insurance Rate?
Q. What Is SR-22
Q. Urban Insurance over 40% less than Progressive Insurance
Q. What is the Mandatory Auto Liability Insurance Law?
Q. Urban Insurance Has earned a 5 Star rating with Yahoo
Q. Credit Scoring for Auto Insurance
Q. How do you use my Information/Privacy Policy?
Q. What if my regular insurance says I have Mexican Coverage?
Q. Mexican Insurance FAQ
Q. Merchant Circle Is Proud to list Urban Insurance Agency as a Top Merchant
Q. Do I need SR-22 in Indiana?
Q. How does Urban protect my information?
Q. Is Life Insurance a Good Investment?
Q. Urban Offers Same Day Electronic SR-22
Q. How Long has Urban Insurance Agency Been in Business?
Q. Do I Need to Pay for the Whole Policy at One Time?
Q. Can I Start My Policy Over the Phone or Internet?
Q. What Do I Do If I’m in a Car Accident?
Q. 24 Hour Insurance Help Line
Q. What is Bobtail Insurance?
Q. How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
Q. How Much Do Traffic Tickets Affect My Rate?
Q. I Have Poor Credit, Can I get Car Insurance?
Q. Is the Stuff in My Car Covered by my Auto Insurance?
Q. Car insurance Information Page
Q. 24 Hour Help Line
Q. Can you explain the MADD DUI Law?
Q. Can I get Auto Insurance Without Credit?
Q. Is it Legal to Drive Without Insurance?
Q. I have 4 tickets, Can you get insurance for me?

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