6 Ways to avoid being a victim of auto theft.

car-lockWe depend on cars to get us to work or to school. Our cars take us to the doctor, carry our groceries, our tools; they are what we rely on to run the thousand errands that make up our daily lives. So we can all imagine the shock going outside and finding an empty spot where your car was parked.

Unfortunately this is all too common an occurrence in Chicago. In 2010, there were 34,246 auto thefts in Chicago land, or about 94 cars each day with only 57% of the autos ever being recovered. To put these numbers in perspective, over the summer Chicago DMV saw more automobiles had been reported stolen than new cars registered. Chicago is not alone, an auto is stolen in America every 33 seconds.

There are some steps you can take to help reduce the chance of being a victim of auto theft:

  1. Take the time to always check that you have closed and locked both your doors and windows each time you park and leave your vehicle. Yes it is true that a thief could break your window, or use a tool to enter your car; but doing so takes more time, draws more attention, and makes it more likely that the thief will move to the next car.
  2. Do not leave valuables in your car. There is a long list of reason why to head this advice, but we can divide them into two groups; increased loss, and increased likelihood of loss. When a car goes missing; so does all the stuff inside; so the more your car is filled with things of value, the greater your loss. Keep in mind that clothes, CDs, cameras etc, are not covered as apart of your car insurance. Coverage for the contents of your car would fall to your renters or Homeowners policy, but would involve a separate deductible. In addition to a greater expense; having packages or things of value visible will increase the chance your car will fall victim. Even if the thief does not take your car, seeing a camera or laptop bag in a car can be hard for many criminals to walk past. Times are tough, There are people that might never think to steal a car but who would grab some things they could turn into quick cash.
  3. While this should seem obvious NEVER leave your keys in your vehicle. This is true not just when your car is parked, but also when going into the station to pay for your gas.
  4. Yes it makes a difference where you Park. An auto parked in a well lit, heavily traveled spot draws more attention for any would-be crook and makes it more likely that the thief will just move to an easier target.
  5. In your home, or business, do not keep the keys to your car where they can be seen through a window, left on your desk or in your pocket of a coat that is hung on a rack.
  6. Anti-Theft devices can both make your car more difficult to steal and act to deter one from even trying. REMEMBER, no car is ever Theft-Proof, but a car can be seen as more work than it’s worth. When faced with a difficult target, a crook will likely move on to car that is less work and less risk.

I listed a few common-sense ways to reduce your chances of being a victim of auto theft. None are fool-proof; but that’s why you buy car insurance.

I listed a few common-sense ways to reduce your chances of being a victim of auto theft.None are fool-proof; but that’s why you buy car insurance.

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