Electronic SR22 Filing program information

electronic-filingUrban Insurance Agency represents several Auto Insurers that provide Electronic SR22 filing of Financial Responsibility forms with the State of Illinois. By using the Electronic SR22 filing program, the filing is entered directly into the state database, eliminating the traditional delays involved with the manual entering of the filing. This is a service we can provide on behalf of our policyholders.

The following states are using the electronic SR22/26 data exchange application:

  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

What is an SR-22 Filing?

SR22 is actually the name of the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that an insured has the required liability insurance coverage. An SR22 Filing is needed to removes a suspension order placed by the Illinois Secretary of State»s office on your driving privilege.

Why won’t any liability policy work?

While it is true that an sr22 is a basic liability policy, the filing mandates that the insurance company will notify the Illinois Secretary of State by issuing a 30-day notice should the insurance ever lapse for any reason. It is the fact that the insurance company is legally bound to provides this notice a to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that sets in SR22 policy apart.

How do I know if I Need an SR22 Filing?

The most common way , would be by receiving a notice from the secretary of states office . They will send a letter demanding sr22 to the same address that is printed on your drivers license. The letter will state the reason that the SR-22 form is required and how long you must carry the filing.

Their address is
Illinois Secretary of State
69 West Washington Street Suite 1210
Chicago, Illinois 60602
(312) 793-5603
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

It is also likely that a judge will notify you at the time of your hearing.

How do I know when I no longer need an SR22 Filing?

You will be sent a letter from the DMV (Department of motor Vehicles) stateing that you have completed your obligation. It is a great idea to keep a copy of that letter, believe or not, the “State” is not incapable of errors. We have had clients who had completed their required SR22, that months later were pulled over by an offcer only to find that the “State” still showed their license suspended. Yes, we have seen people spend the night in jail because of a mess up in Springfield. Keep copies of what the DMV sends you, and make sure your insurance agent also gets a copy.

If I get an sr22 insurance policy, can I start with a down payment or do I need to pay the whole year at once?

At Urban Auto Insurance Agency, you never need to pay for the policy all at once. We can start your coverage with just a small down payment and then you can make monthly payments. Because U.I.P.P.
(U.I. Payment Plan) is a division of Urban Auto Insurance Agency, we have the flexibility to offer you much lower down payments and easier monthly payments.

Do insurance companies charge more money because I need an SR22?

None of the companies Charge more for providing an sr22. the cost of the policy is the same as providing you with a base liability policy. An insurance company can, and often will, charge a surcharge based on your MVR, but we will not charge your more for the SR22 form.

Do you offer SR-22s to someone that does not own a car?

Yes. Fill out the request a quote form and we will provide you with a quote to get your insurance started.

If you did not have insurance but you did not cause the accident:

You must have a hearing to prove that the accident was not your fault. In order to prove that the accident was not your fault, you must:

Contact the Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Administrative Hearings at (312) 793-3701 and schedule a hearing.
You must attend the hearing and present evidence that you did not cause the collision.
Hearings are NOT ordinarily rescheduled.

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