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Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance is available at Urban.Progressive Auto Insurance is the newest company we have added to the long list of carriers that are offered through Urban Insurance. Progressive Insurance is among the largest car insurance provides in the country. Progressive was co-founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis, and is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio. One of the reas...
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Urban Insurance Has earned a 5 Star rating with Yahoo

We have Been Providing "5 star" personal customer service for our customers for more than 52 years. We recognize that our customers have many options when they are picking an insurance agency; so we work hard to earn your your business. JohnCreated on 05/12/12 A fellow teacher told me about Urban Insurance. She said she had them for several years and was happy. I ha...
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10 Secrets to Saving On Car Insurance

10 Ways to Lower Car Insurance CostsAfter 28 years of selling Auto Insurance for Urban, I am still amazed by how wide the range of insurance prices can be between one call and the next. Obviously being a safe driver with a clear track-record free from at-fault car insurance claims, is a major factor in helping you get the lowest price on your car insurance. The greatest mistake car-owners make...
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Chicago Car Insurance Claims increase, are they part of a Worldwide Trend?

It is clear that America is not the only place where a rising number of law suits are having an impact on auto Insurance rates.As I wrote earlier this month, Car Insurance losses are effecting the bottom-line of many car insurance companies. This comes at a time when auto insurance carriers are watching some of their customers reduce their coverages, switching to higher deductibles, or dropping ...
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