Tips for a Safe Road Trip



Road trips can be fun, interesting, and a welcomed change of pace from the everyday routine. Keep your vehicle and passengers as safe as possible by doing some preventative maintenance. Even though there is always a chance that your car can break down, performing the simple maintenance tips discussed below will minimize the likelihood of that happening.

Check your tires
Properly inflated tires will make for a smooth and safe ride. It improves your car’s alignment, makes certain that tires wear evenly, and extends the useful life of your tires. Keeping your car properly aligned is essential for avoiding expensive repairs in the future. Remember to keep an inflated spare tire in your trunk or appropriate storage location. Having a spare tire will come in handy if, and when, any of your tires gets punctured or goes flat. Make certain you have a properly working jack.

Check your windshield wipers
Clear vision is crucial for a safe road trip. Prepare your car by installing new windshield wipers. You never know when you will be driving in unexpected rainstorms, fog, dust storms, or other unforeseen weather conditions. If you recently put on new wipers, check their condition. Take a look for any uneven wear of the rubber. Check for any slits or cuts in the rubber. Get inside your car and squirt some windshield solvent onto your windshield. Turn your wipers on and notice how well they clear the glass of liquid. If you notice streaks, or uneven clearing, consider replacing your wipers.

Refill liquid levels
Prepare for your safe, road trip by replenishing all liquid levels. Liquid includes windshield solvent, brake fluid, radiator fluid, air conditioning fluid, transmission fluid, and engine oil. If you are uncertain about how to check any of these fluids, take your vehicle to a reputable automotive repair shop.

Make a road trip safety box
Stock your vehicle for any trip by keeping an extra stock of items available. Find an appropriate-sized box and fill it with automotive maintenance products. Products can include a quart of motor oil, a can of emergency flat repair, a gallon of windshield solvent, a gallon of radiator fluid, a sponge, chamois, and work cloth.

Stock your glove compartment
Protect yourself by stocking your glove compartment with valuable tools and information. All drivers need to have coverage information easily accessible. If you live in the Chicago area, have your Chicago automobile insurance information in your glove compartment. If you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer, or in an accident, you will be asked for this proof of insurance. Also keep small tools like a pen, pad of paper, and tire gauge in your compartment.

Get road coverage
Road coverage comes in handy for calling a professional company to come rescue you along your road trip route. Most providers, including Chicago automobile insurance companies, offer these services to customers. Check with your company to be certain. Road coverage can save time, money, and frustration for everyone involved.

Reduce distractions
Concentrating on the driving task at hand goes far in improving safety. Keep your passengers busy by playing road games like counting license plates or car colors. Video games or on-board movies are other ideas. Pack snacks to keep everyone happy and content during the trip.

Road trips provide a fantastic way to enjoy the scenery and form bonds with passengers. Do your part to make the trip as fun and safe as possible.

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