Auto Insurance Discounts

Nobody jumps for joy when it’s time for them to pay for car insurance, all the more reason to make sure your agent is finding you all the auto insurance discounts offered.

Auto Insurance DiscountsOur Online Quote Rater will quickly provide you with a low cost car insurance rate, and it will apply discounts you might qualify for based on your answers to the questions. Keep in mind, whether you obtain an online quote, or call and get a quote through an agent, you are always free to speak to an agent to confirm that you are taking advantage of all auto insurance discounts.
Please remember, Insurance discounts vary from state to state; also, as an agent that has the flexibility to place your coverage with over 20 companies, each with their own rules, we can identify the combination of rates, and auto insurance discounts, to find you the lowest rates.

Renewal Discount

Customers that renew their insurance receive a Renewal Discount. This savings is often 5% the first time 10% the second, 15% the third, and 20% the fourth renewal. These Auto insurance discounts can quickly add up to large savings.

Transfer Renewal Discounts
If you switch to Urban Insurance Agency we will give you a discount based on your prior insurance through another company.

Multi Car Discount

Have more than one vehicles? We offer a multi car discount for having more than one vehicle on your insurance policy. This can simplify your life be having just one insurance company to call, while saving as much as 20% on your auto insurance..
Multi Line Discount
Do you own a commercial vehicle? Do you need renter’s or homeowner’s insurance? Ask an agent about the range of insurance services we offer and discounts and advantages of having them all with Urban.

Safe Driving Discount

Do you have a good driving record? There is a direct relationship between drivers with clean (MVR) records and fewer accidents; so we can use your good record to lower your car insurance rates.

Accident-Free Discount

If you can go three years without a chargeable accident, you qualify for a discount, that savings can be even greater if you go five years.
Claim Free Discount.
Not all claims are accidents. If you can go three years without a claim, you qualify for a discount.

Good Student Discount

There are many reasons to work hard in school and get good grades, a discount on your car insurance can be one more reason.
Vehicle Safety Discount
Anti-Lock Brakes, Active Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control are all features that reduce the likelihood of your car being in an accident, and result in discounts in your insurance. Your Vin # will identify the year, make, and model of your car, and tell the insurance carrier the types of equipment in your vehicle. Accident Avoidance Systems, Backup cameras, and other new safety systems can all play a role in keeping you safe, as well as saving you money.

Anti-Theft Discount

The sad truth is, cars do get stolen. In fact a car gets stolen once every 43 seconds. Having an alarm won’t eliminate the risk, but it will reduce it-So another discount.

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