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We provide Electronic SR22 filing of Financial Responsibility forms directly into the Secretary of State database, eliminating delays and getting your driver’s license back quickly. This is a free service we provide to our policyholders, and one more way to save you money on SR22 car insurance.

SR22 Insurance is a type of car insurance that derives its name from the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that an insured has the required coverage. People sometimes refer to it as SR-22, SR22 Filing, or SR22 insurance. In fact there are still many that use the term FR – short for “Financial Responsible” insurance. But by what every name you use, the purpose is the same – to establish legal proof of insurance.

At Urban Insurance, we provide Electronic SR22 filings direct to the State. By using the” Electronic SR22″ filing program, the filing is entered directly into the state database, eliminating possible delays involved with the manual entering of the filing.

While it’s true that car insurance is mandatory in Illinois, most drivers are not required to purchase SR22 insurance. Reasons the court can demand a driver file “Safety Responsibility” include convictions for DUI, DWI, driving on a suspended license, getting caught driving without insurance. For SR22 insurance, an auto insurance company must submit the form to remove a suspension order placed by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office on your driving privileges. This provides certification to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that you’ve been issued a policy meeting the required minimum liability coverage, and that your insurance company will notify the Illinois Secretary of State of any lapse in coverage. The same basic system is in place in Indiana..

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Quite simply: experience and convenience. Urban Insurance has specialized in SR22 insurance policies in and around Chicago for decades. We’ll get your car insurance started quickly, and we’ll handle the necessary paperwork and filings with the Secretary of State for the States of Illinois and Indiana.


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To request an SR22 insurance quote, give us a call at 312-664-8088, or have one of our auto insurance agents call you. Our friendly and professional insurance agents are available to talk to you by phone or in person at our main office at   800 West Huron Street     Suite #301   Chicago, IL 60642     312-664-8088.

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SR22 Insurance Chicago Illinois

With more than 60 years experience, we will compare rates with up to twenty different companies, in order to find you the lowest price, for the right auto insurance coverage to meet your needs.

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