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Long Haul (over-the-road) Trucking is commonly defined as operating within a radius of more than 250 miles but often involve “48 states.” Clearly the cost of spending each night in a hotel, would wipe-out one’s profits; so Drivers will operate a truck with a sleeper These tractors can be filled with many of the comforts of a home, including flat-screen TV’s with DVD players, Satellite radio, mini refrigerators and more.

A “Life on the Road” is a lifestyle choice and not just a job. Truck stops become your home away from home. They are more than just a place to fill your tank; they are where you Shower and most often eat. Some owner-operators make use of a refrigerator and microwave in their rig, to prepare their own food in their truck. But for many, after hours spent on the road, alone in their tractor, it’s a welcome change to be able to sit with your fellow truckers over a meal. Major Trucks stops contain a convenience store, service parts, one or more restaurants, and offer overnight parking, giving the trucker a place to relax for the night.

Most long-haul truck drivers are leased on to a carrier and are paid per mile. The rate changes from company to company, but the greatest change is based on how much of the expenses are covered by the driver versus the trucking company. If the driver uses insurance under the company’s ICC Filing and “Primary Insurance” then the Carrier will offer far less compensation by mile. Getting your own rig and Truck Insurance can be a more profitable option.

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