Ten ways to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle theft:

Ten ways to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle theft:

The average price of a new car is now over $48,000, that’s a 47% increase over the past four years. Late model used cars, historically where people turned to save 40% -50%, now have skyrocketed to an average price of over $34,000. The good news is that Carjackings have recently fallen across the city; unfortunately, motor vehicle theft is up 126% compared to last year. Protecting your car from theft requires a combination of preventive measures. Here are ten steps you can take to help reduce the chance of being a victim of auto theft:

1. Lock Your Car: Always check that you have closed and locked both your doors and windows each time you exit your vehicle, even when just stepping away for a moment. This is the simplest and most effective way to deter opportunistic thieves.

2. Use Anti-Theft Devices: Anti-Theft devices will make your car more difficult to steal and act to deter one from even trying. Below I have listed several of the most common types:• Steering Wheel Lock: These devices prevent the steering wheel from being turned, increasing the time and challenge for a thief to drive away with your auto.
• Car Alarm: A loud car alarm can attract attention and deter thieves.
• Immobilizer System: Most newer cars come with an immobilizer system that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key and matching code.
• Kill Switch: Installing a hidden kill switch that cuts off the fuel supply or ignition can prevent thieves from starting your car.
• Window and Key Part Etching: Etching your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto your windows, Catalytic converter, and other high-targeted parts can discourage thieves, as it makes it harder for them to resell stolen parts.

3. Park in Well-Lit Areas: An auto parked in a well lit, heavily traveled spot draws more attention for any would-be crook, making it more likely that the thief will just move on to an easier target.

4. Use a Garage: I understand that having a garage is a advantage not available to many auto owners; but If you have a garage, use it. A locked garage provides an additional obstacle to any thief .

5. Install Security Cameras: Surveillance cameras recording the area where you park your car can deter thieves and provide evidence in case of theft. When parking in public areas, the security cameras connected to the lot can also provide a deterrent.

6. Secure Your Keys: While this should seem obvious NEVER leave your keys in your vehicle. This is true not just when your car is parked; but also when pumping your gas, or running into the station to pay for it.
• Key Fob Protection: This is far less obvious; but you should show care when holding and using your key fob. Thieves can use signal relay attacks to amplify key fob signals and unlock/start your car. Yes, I know this sounds like something out of a spy movie; however this is tech available to professional car thieves.

7. Use a Tracking System: Consider installing a GPS tracking system that can help you locate your car if it’s stolen.

8. Secure Valuables: Don’t leave valuable items visible in your car, as this might attract thieves. There are people that might never think to steal a car but who would grab some things they believe they could turn into quick cash. If they see nothing worth stealing, they may be less motivated to break in.

9. Be Vigilant: Pay attention to your surroundings and instincts, if you have a bad feeling about place or situation don’t just ignore it, instead perhaps drive around the block and park in a different spot. When sitting in your car waiting for a friend, do not get distracted looking at your phone, also try to leave yourself room quickly pull away in case strangers approach your car.

10. Insurance: In the end no matter how careful you, are there is no way to guarantee your vehicle will not be stolen; however by following these tips you can significantly reduce the risk of car theft. Because risk always exists it is important to make sure you have full coverage car insurance. These ten tips can help you avoid becoming a victim of vehicle theft. Insurance won’t prevent theft, but it will help you recover financially if your car is stolen.

With the number of vehicle thefts at record levels coupled with cars never costing more to replace- There is no better time to make sure you have the protection of auto insurance.

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