Excluded Drivers

Insurance Terms“Who is covered on my policy” is one of the most common questions I’m asked. I have found that many auto owners have never had an agent take the time to explain the significance of the term, “Regular customary driver.” I have had people come to our office with a suspended license, and often thousands of dollars in debt, because their old agent did not properly explain, or they did not heed their warning, concerning who are and are not covered on their policy.

To illustrate, let’s imagine that your neighbor knocked on your door and explained that their car had a flat, and they needed to take their son to his “Big Game.” You know and trust this person; so you give them permission; since they are over 25 and do not live in your home, or have regular access to your car- they are covered while driving your car. But please remember that all residents in your home, or those that DO have regular access to your car must be either listed on your policy or excluded.

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