Great Motorcycle Trips near Chicago


Riding your cycle through the state of Illinois, is not going to have the Pacific-Coast-Highway, or the twists and turns one might find in Maine, but there still are many great trips through Chicago and the surrounding 100 miles. I have put out a few popular suggestions that customers have submitted.

Lake Geneva

AN EASY DAY TRIP IS TO HEAD OUT TO The Lake Geneva area. The town has a nostalgic feel, with most building dating back 100 plus years. But this has long been a tourist town; so it is a great place to shop, eat and just walk through the streets. But on a bike it is easy to drive the seven miles to Fountana the drive is one of the most beautiful rides within a days drive. Home to the Abby resort, the town has boating. Fishing, and of course fudge shops. Lake Geneva has a beautiful scenic drive around the lake, and a small but fun public beach.

Starved Rock State Park

Don’t let anyone tell you there are no hills in Illinois. If you showed someone pictures from the trails at starved rock, few would believe they were still in Illinois, let alone just 90 minutes out of the Loop. The trails can get steep, and the woods deep, but it is as close as a Chicago rider can get to leaving the feel of the Midwest. The park is a maze of  thick woods, and deep ravines even waterfalls.

You Start in Utica, IL (It’s self a charming small town) and head south on Route 178 for just about a mile or so and you will come to signs announcing Starved Rock State Park. There is a lodge, or camping nearby.

 Rock River

A wonderful example of “small town Midwest” coupled with beautiful shots of nature as the route hugs the Rock River. Rock River features sections of rock formations and ravines. A statue of Chief Blawkhawk sits high on the bluff overlooking the waterway.

 Route 66

Many Chicagoans are often surprised that America’s most famous road, the Historic Route 66, actually starts right here in Chicago. In fact it begins right at the corner of Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue.  One often does not associate the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as being a part of a ride down Route 66, but sit at the start of the fabled highway.

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