Paying Too Much For Hoverboard Insurance?


Find out how much it’ll cost to insure your Hoverboard with a free online quote. Urban has multiple companies to search to find you the lowest rate on your Hoverboard Insurance.
Urban’s Hoverboard specialists offer rates on sport models, Like the “Pit Bull”, the “Kawasaki Nija-Hover”, and the “Harley-Davidson V-Rod Board”.

We can insure Hoverboards with custom equipment.

We offer special discounts on Mattel modelsHoverboard InsuranceThere are bullies out there looking to chase you down and steal your board, don’t ket caught without Hoverboard Insurance.
We’re the premier Illinois Hoverboard insurance agency.

Just as with car insurance,Hoverboards are required by law to have liability insurance with a minimum amount of $25,000 per person Bodily injury /$50,000 Total per accident bodily injury /$20,000 Property damage. If you are financing your motorcycle they will likely demand you also obtain Full Coverage.

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Thanks to Mattel, Inc. and most importantly  Universal Pictures, writers, cast and crew, for giving  Back to the Future  Happy October 21st 2015

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