How does Credit Score effect Auto Insurance Rates?

Credit ScoreIn recent years, many companies have began using your Credit report as a major factor in determining the cost of your coverage. The cost of bad credit can often be greater than having several tickets on your driving record.
If you are new to this country, have lost your job, or are hehind in your payments; this use of a credit report, can be especially difficult and costly.
Urban Insurance is one of the few companies left that does not surcharge for bad credit. or no credit.  This can save you hundreds of dollars.

It is little wonder why over the past 47 years, URBAN INSURANCE AGENCY has grown to one of the larger insurance agencies in Chicago. From there main office at 800 N. Wells, Urban has been serving the Hispanic community with personal service and understanding.


“It has been almost 5 decades since my father started Urban, but as we have grown we have never lost site of our commitment to personal service”. “We take great pride that after many years in business we are insuring children and even grand children of some of our first customers”. 

When asked 

“I know there are a lot of commercials on T.V. , some are quite clever, but the way we are able to offer the lowest rates is by really knowing the Chicago market, and being able to provide policies that fit customers need”

” We can offer insurance to those that do not have a license.”  “We can offer insurance to those that do not have any credit.” “We offer insurance to those that need an SR-22″, and being local we have the flexibility to start with a partial down payment”

“We represent more than twenty companies in order to get the best coverage and most competitive rates”.


 In a resent article, titled *’s 2009 Auto Insurance Pricing Report, they state that the average price their customers paid for insurance in the state of Illinois in 2006 was $1,496.

This “Average” was based on best price offered by any of the following companies ,Travelers, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, MetLife, Safeco, Geico and Progressive. Urban Insurance Agency’s average yearly price in Illinois for 2006 was just $790.

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