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Save up to 75% off of Insurance for Uber Drivers

Urban Insurance is proud to announce a New program providing Insurance for Uber Drivers in Illinois.

Uber and Lift are both great ways to get around Chicago, and more people are signing up to use the service as well as become drivers. Uber, is a large and well respected company, as a part of their process for signing up new drivers they expect those drivers to show proof of car insurance. We have seen Insurance agents happy to sell customers standard private passenger insurance, despite knowing the customer planned on acting as a livery service by carrying passengers for hire. Simply put, standard private passenger policies will not pay for damages arriving out of commercial use. Uber carries $1,000,000 policy to protect their passengers, but they will not always pay for damage to your own auto. That means if your car is totaled – you could be out of luck.

Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, and Geico agree, their policies do not cover Uber drivers or ridesharing activities of any kind. As Urban Insurance has written in prior posts, “Standard Private passenger policies” do not provide coverage for vehicles used commercially, and make no mistake- Driving passengers for money is clearly commercial use. Yes this includes the times a driver is logged in to an Uber app but has yet to be matched with a fare. Uber insurance requirements are not always clear, and can very by state law. Not only have Progressive Geico and others refused to pay for claims, they have begun canceling policies of customers caught driving for any rideshare services.

Because Uber does provide protection in limited situations, We at Urban have help create a Special Discount Rate Program for Uber owner/operators.

We have been working with several companies for more than a year to create a special program for Uber and Lyft drivers. This plane gives you all the coverage you need and at a highly discounted rate.

Save up to 75% off Standard Commercial Auto Rates

URBAN INSURANCE AGENCY have been serving the needs of Illinois Commercial Drivers for more than 53 years.

Urban was awarded an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • At Urban Insurance we offer a range of commercial auto policies including Limo insurance starting from $159 per month.


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