Insurance for Relocation Towing

Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois and IndianaUrban Insurance has been providing insurance for Towing company for over 50 years. One of the most common questions we are asked by tow operators is “Do I need “Special towing insurance” to do Relocation tows. The short answer is “Yes.”

In Illinois, an owner of private property has the right to have unauthorized vehicles removed from their premises. It is important for property owners to remember that any such tows are regulated by local ordinances. It is a good idea for any property owner to check with their town or city an know the specific rules that apply at that location; but in general they include that the property clearly post signs that state the following:

  1. Who can and can not park at the property.
  2. The terms under which one’s car will be towed.
  3. The sign must list the address and phone number of where the auto will relocated.
  4. The cost to reclaim your vehicle must also be posted.

Towing companies involved in relocating cars will fall under the Illinois Commercial Relocation of Trespassing Vehicles Law and can be regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Any Towing company that is regulated by the ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission) will need to obtain an “MC Number;” this can be done by contacting Transportation Division at 217-782-4654.

The current coverage requirements for towing companies in Illinois are as follows:

  1. $750,000 CSL Liability (Commercial Auto)
  2. $750,000 CSL Garage Liability (This is a required Towing Coverage)
  3. $25,000 Car On Hook Coverage

Urban Insurance can provide towing companies insurance certificates required by the ICC for your filing. We also understand the coverage the Secretary of State needs to see on your “Certificate of insurance” before they will renew your TW Plates.

Relocation towing companies, tow truck operators, as well as dispatchers are all licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission for two year periods. * “Information concerning criminal records and driving records are carefully checked before licenses are issued or renewed”.

If you have a question, please contact us at 1-800-680-0707.

* Illinois Commerce Commission site

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