Medicar and Medical Transportation Insurance

Medicar and Medical Transportation Insurance
medical-transportationUrban Insurance Agency is happy to announce that we offer Medi-car service insurance at the lowest prices in the Chicago Metropolitan area.

With health costs skyrocketing, an ever-increasing number of medical procedures are being performed on an “Outpatient” basis. As a result, today many people find themselves in need of transportation to and from medical appointments. Many of these people are unable to drive themselves, and are not able, or do not wish to ask a friend or family member to take them. In many cases the patient might be in a wheelchair or have needs that require a specially equipped van.

Among one of the more common needs for Medi-car services are the approximately 217,000 Americans who receive ongoing dialysis treatments. Also seniors find themselves with on-going medical services and few options for how to make the trip.

This is where non-emergency transportation service is used. It provides for the livery service of wheelchair patients/customers and people with special needs but who do not require an Ambulance or highly trained medical teams. The cost of emergency ambulance service is very costly and is only an option when minutes can save lives.

Medicar vehicles are often equipped with side-loading hydraulic lifts, ramps and special wheelchair locks and floor straps to secure the passenger in the vehicle.

Urban Insurance Agency has been serving the Commercial Auto customer for more than 60 years. We offer several different companies so we can search for the best price available.

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The laws and requirements governing businesses that transport passengers can be complex and difficult to follow. the Secretary of State uses One of several classifications for defining vehicles that carry passengers. We at Urban have more than 61 years of experience and can help guide you by answering all of your questions.

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