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Urban offers Low-Cost Public Transportation Insurance no matter if your company provides non-emergency patient transit, carries people to and from casinos, or runs a bus or an Airport Shuttle; Urban Insurance can shop multiple companies to find you the coverage you need at the lowest price.

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The laws and requirements governing businesses that carry passengers can be complex and difficult to follow. One of the chief reasons for this confusion stems from the various classifications the Secretary of State uses to determine  what uses falls under which plate, and what amount of public transportation insurance is needed

Public Transportation Insurance:   Public Transportation (PT Plates) or Medical Transportation (MC Plates).

Public Transportation (PT): a small sampling of Business that fall under this classification include: Commuter Vans, Small bus or vans used for charter services including casino coach charters, transportation to sporting events and concerts, convention shuttles, weddings and tours.
This class includes vehicles that are “Used for the transportation of persons for compensation (Paying Passengers)” but do not fall under a “Special designation,” are included and required to obtain PT Plates, by filing proof of Public Transportation Insurance at the time of registration confirming they are insured for a minimum of $250,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage. Transportation service companies operating in Chicago must also meet the Chicago required minimum of $350,000.

While these are the limits of Liability coverage required to meet the legal requirements of City and state, companies often seek higher limits of coverage.

Medical Transportation (MC) is a “Special designation” for vans or autos used for the “non-emergency transportation of persons for compensation for the purpose of obtaining medical services.” The common examples include transporting patients for dialysis treatments, and scheduled doctor appointments. These companies are required to obtain MC Plates, by filing proof of insurance confirming they are insured for a minimum of $250,000 bodily injury and $50,000 property damage. Medical transportation service companies (Medicars) operating in Chicago must additionally meet the Chicago required minimum of $300,000.

Other businesses that fall under the umbrella of Public Transportation companies include:
Ambulances, Buses (Over 16 Passengers), funeral homes, taxi and livery, These businesses can have different insurance requirements, and rates, but are also required to post a sticker proving they have active  public transportation insurance coverage to their windshield.

Urban Insurance understands the special needs, and public transportation insurance requirements required of  companies needing  PT Plates.
We have the experience to help Public Transportation, Medicars or Van Service companies navigate the demands of the ICC (Illinois Commerce Commission.
We can also help file the needed ICC documents for the Indiana Commerce Commission, as well as the Federal Commerce Commission.

  • Illinois Secretary of State
    Vehicle Services Information Line
    5401 N. Elston Ave
    Chicago, IL 60630
    (312) 793-1010

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