Save on Insurance Renewals

It is no secret in the insurance business that people whose policies that ran their term and are now up for renewal, are prized by insurance companies. An insured that has demonstrated a pattern of loss-free driving as well as paying their insurance in a timely manor is deserving of discounted rates. At Urban Insurance, we analyze the “Renewal Offer” from your current carrier and compare it against each of the 20 plus companies we represent to search for the lowest price and best coverage.

Here are a few things to consider.

When you renew your current policy, you will likely qualify for discounts as well as possible additional benefits. Urban Insurance customers who renew a policy, are guaranteed that we will run a comparison quote of 20 separate companies rather than simply accepting the rate offer from your current carrier. While it is true that the renewal offer from present company is often best; that is not always the case. This is particularly true if you made substantial changes to you policy during it’s life span. The company that offered the best rate before, might not have a competitive rate if you now added a young driver, switched autos or moved to a new city.

Upon renewal is a great time to reevaluate your coverage and confirm whether your needs have changed.
Please call us at 800-680-0707 to discuss ways that the cost of your policy can be reduced or benefits increased. As your situation changes, we want to work with you to make sure that the policy you select best fits your needs and does not leave any costly “Holes” in your protection.

“ I had an accident, can I still be renewed?”
This is a common question; the answer is, almost without exception YES! For example, you might qualify for guaranteed renewal or accident forgiveness. In truth very few of our companies will non-renew a policyholder because of a single accident or ticket. One more reason for choosing Urban Insurance Agency is that even in the event that one company declines renewal, we have a multitude of others happy to gain a new policyholder.

Not all agencies are created equal:
Urban Insurance has an A+ Rating with the BBB and over 50 years experience helping drivers find the lowest rates on their Car Insurance. Urban Auto Insurance will answer your questions and work to provide you the lowest rates on your insurance. Let us show you why finding a great policy has never been easier.

Call 1-800-680-0707 or Click Here to get your free auto insurance quote



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