Stopped for DUI ?

Insurance for Drivers with DUI

Do you have a pending Hearing in Traffic Court?

If you have been stopped for DUI or DWI, the judge will want to see proof of current Auto Insurance, and verification that have your insurance company has filed the required SR22 form with the State Of Illinois.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are serious violations which can result in you loosing your license, being hit with large fines, or even spending some time behind bars- just ask Lindsey Lohan . So it is important that you avoid getting the behind the wheel after you have been drinking. Clearly, even greater than the penalties handed down by the State, imagine going through life knowing that your momentary bad judgment resulted in injuries or even death.

If you have been stopped it is important that you know your rights, and follow the prescribed path toward getting your license returned. DUI Tickets are often a good time to seek legal representation. Below is a chart that can help identify what constitutes the “Legal Limit” in the state.

How much do you have to drink (BAC*) for a DUI in Illinois?

Under 21.00% – zero tolerance
21 or older.08%

* BAC = blood alcohol content

New DUI Laws in Illinois –

Laws effecting DUI change, Effective January 1, 2011, Illinois has changed the Unified Code of Corrections providing that those convicted of a DUI accident that occurred on or after the amendment date where the accident was the proximate cause of great bodily harm or permanent shall receive no more than 4.5 days of good conduct credit for each month of the offender’s sentence of imprisonment.

Additionally, Illinois increases the amount of technology fees from $500 to $750 usually imposed on first-time offenders who are found guilty or who plead guilty to violating the DUI provision of the Illinois Vehicle Code. Also, Illinois adds a ”summary revocation” to the summary suspension procedures. This provides that a person who refuses to submit to alcohol testing following a DUI arrest involving an accident that causes a Type A personal injury (or death) to another will have his or her license revoked summarily on the 46th day following the arrest.

Urban Insurance has specialized in SR22 insurance policies for over 50 years. We’ll get your car insurance started quickly, and we’ll handle the necessary paperwork and provide you with a Same Day Electronic Filing to the Illinois Secretary of State, as well as provide you proof for any court appearance.


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