The court is requiring me to buy SR-22 insurance, So just what is SR22?

court-requires-sr22SR-22 insurance, varies little from normal auto liability insurance, save for the states requirement that the insurance company provide an sr22 form. The SR in SR22 comes from the name of the form the state of Illinois requires- Safety Responsibility”. At times you might hear the car insurance  sometimes called “financial responsibility insurance;” or people will sometime refer this “car insurance” as SR-22, or FR Filing or sometimes as just “Filing” insurance. These terms can be used interchangeably, the important thing to remember is the need to have your insurance agent file the sr22 form with the Secretary of State’s office.

While insurance is mandatory in Illinois, most drivers are not required to purchase SR22 insurance. For those required to carry SR-22 liabllity, simply having car insurance is not enough, you must make sure that a legal filling has been recorded with the Secretary of State’s office  is a state. Urban Insurance has specialized in writing SR-22 policies for the past fifty years. If you are required to file an SR22 then an insurance company must submit the form in order to remove a suspension order placed by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office on your driving privileges. The reason for the filing is to provide a certification to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that your insurance company has issued a policy of at least the required minimum liability coverage, and that your insurance company will promptly notify the Illinois Secretary of State should the insurance ever lapse.

Far beit for me the question the reliability, of the a State office; but experience shows that mistakes and delays do occur, it is for that reason that Urban Insurance Agency, can file the forms electronically, or give you a hard copy for you to walk into the Secretary of States. This can save you time waiting in long lines, and give you the peace of mind knowing that your SR22 Insurance has been filed. I have been in the insurance business long enough to hear the Horror stories from people that spent the night in jail, even though they did have the right auto liability simply because the State had not properly record the filing. Urban’s Electronic filing system helps to avoid such problems.

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