We can Renew Your Delphi Commercial Policy

Delphi Insurance has stopped writing all Tow Trucks
as well as all other commercial policies.

Searching for a replacement, Turn to Urban Insurance.

Urban has companies that are willing to honor your renewal rate from Delphi.
We have been a dependable source for Towing Insurance for 50 years.

We have multiple sources for your commercial insurance: so we can find you the lowest rates.
We understand the requirements that the Secretary of State has placed on Flatbeds and tow-trucks
prior to granting them the “TW” plates needed to operate a towing company.

While many companies are pulling back from offering Tow Truck coverage,
Urban Insurance can still provide you with choices to provide your
Towing business with the coverages you need at the lowest rates.

We can write Insurance for Towing companies throughout all of Illinois and Indiana.

We can give you the certificates you need to provide to Motor Clubs.
One Tow-truck or 20 Trucks; we can get you the coverage you need quickly and at the lowest rates.

Tow Truck Insurance in Illinois and Indiana

If you have a question, please contact us at 1-800-680-0707.

We can write Insurance for Towing companiesthroughout all of Illinois and Indiana.

Tow Trucks in Illinois are required to carry specific limits and types of coverage in order to be granted
the TW (towing) Plates they need to legally operate.
Over the recent past, we have had people come to Urban, upset that had been sold policies at other insurance companies
that did not provide them with the correct coverage, leaving them unable to get their plates. So, here are the requirements:

Tow Truck Liability = $500,000csl
Garage Liability      = $500,000csl
Car on Hook           = $25,000

Tow Truck Liability  = $750,000csl
Garage Liability       = $750,000csl
Car on Hook            = $25,000

Garage Keepers Legal Liability (GKLL): This coverage protects car that are under your “Care, Custody or Control”
while not on the hook. This is coverage designed for companies the store or repair customer’s cars.

<Workers Compensation: This coverage protects your business against your workers attempting to
collect damages based on injuries they say occurred at work.

Physical Damage: This coverage protect YOUR OWN vehicle against loss or damage.
It consists of two parts Comprehensive a Collision.
Comprehensive covers damage to the policyholder’s vehicle from fire, theft, explosions, hail, floods, and vandalism,
Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident caused by Colliding with another object or Overturns or rolls.

Please find the links to additional information on the insurance requirements for a Towing Company.

Urban also offers Insurance for:
Messengers, Long and Short Haul Trucking,
Life Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance,
Home-Owners Insurance, Medical Transportation

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