What is an “SR22 Filing”?

sr22-chicago-drivingUrban Insurance has specialized in writing SR-22 policies for the past 4 decades. SR22 is actually the name of the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that an insured has the required insurance coverage. People will sometime refer this car insurance as SR-22, or FR Filing or sometimes as just “Filing” insurance. While insurance is mandatory in Illinois, most drivers are not required to purchase SR22 insurance. If you are required to file an SR22 then an insurance company must submit the form in order to remove a suspension order placed by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office on your driving privileges. The reason for the filing is to provide a certification to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that your insurance company has issued a policy of at least the required minimum liability coverage, and that your insurance company will notify the Illinois Secretary of State should the insurance ever lapse for any reason.

People whose license is under suspension by the Illinois Department of Motor vehicles need an SR22 Filing to reinstate their license. The are a variety of reason that you might be required to show proof of SR-22 filing, they include: drunk driving violations (DWI); suspensions from unpaid fines or parking violations; having an accident without car insurance; or having your license suspended for failing the emissions test.

In Order To Reinstate Your License, You Must Do One Of The Following:

  • If the cause of the SR22 is a “Judgment”, you must either pay the full amount of the judgment or obtain a court order agreeing to pay the judgment in installments to the plaintiff’s attorney or the Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court. It is important that you make sure you receive a certified, file-stamped copy of a “Satisfaction of Judgment” form.  Take this form to the Secretary of State’s office at 160 North LaSalle Street located on the 10th Floor.
  • If the cause of the SR22 is due to unpaid tickets, you must take care of the underlying problem. Contact the appropriate Circuit Court and ask them to reopen the case or pay the outstanding tickets.
  • If the cause of the SR22 is due to vehicle emissions, you must take your car back to a vehicle emissions testing facility and this time pass the test or prove you no longer own the car.

You can obtain SR22 Insurance from an insurance agency.  You must sustain this insurance for 3 years without lapse or cancellation, if due to a judgment, DUI, felony or any other reason other than just being caught without insurance. If the only problem was driving without insurance, then you must maintain the insurance for one year without lapse or cancellation. You will also have a reinstatement fee of $70.00.

At Urban Insurance Agency, we can do filings to the Secretary of State for the states of Illinois, Indiana & Michigan. We can file the forms electronically, or give you a hard copy for you to walk into the Secretary of States office and present.

If you have any further questions, I invite you to call me at 312-664-8088.

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