What is Non Owner car insurance?

non-owner-car-insurance“Non Owner” or “Non Owned Automobile Insurance” is  often thought of as liability insurance for those that do not own a car. I feel an obligation to warn all those that call asking for this type of coverage that not all cars you drive but do not own are covered.

Insurance companies make a distinction for any car that you are a “Regular and or Customary driver”. Non-Owners insurance covers a driver for liability for any car that he or she drives as long as they do not own the car, or are not a regular customary driver.

The coverage does not cover cars that you own, or that are in your household. Those cars must be listed on a policy. Auto insurance companies understand Situatuons arise, and it is impossible for you to predict ever possible person that might need to drive your vehicle; however they feel it is resonable to expect that one can list those individuals that live in your home, and or have reular access to your car.

One of our carriers uses this wording:

Non Owned Automobile means an automobile not owned, or furnished for the regular use of either the named insured or his (her) spouse or any other member of the insured household, any relative other than as a temporary substitute automobile”

Please believe me when I tell you I have seen claims denighed over this wording. Check with your agent, explain to him or her truthfully and fully about any cars you regularly drive.

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