3 DUI Violations in 3 Days

dui-violationsSome people just never learn. That clearly was the case for Jo A. Trilling who was arrested for drunken driving three times in three days . According to The Sheboygan Press, the 60-year-old woman had been on vacation in Wisconsin at the time of all three arrests.

The first time was after an officer saw her driving her car out of a ditch. You would think that after being caught driving with a blood alcohol at near 3 time the legal limit would be enough to put the “Fear of God” into her for at least 6 months, but in less than 24 hours again she was caught driving drunk.  Confronted by the officer her response was

“I am still finishing up the box of wine in my car from yesterday.”

While one can debate whether it ever makes sense to drinking “Wine from a Box,” there is no debate that you should not be drinking it while driving.  But even this second arrest did not have the desired deturent effect. The third time in 3 days, finally ended whith the woman being sent to jail for one month.

Here in Illinois, As of 01/01/09  there is a New Drunk Driving  law- those found Guilty of DUI must install a breath-testing device in their car.

“This is a new and innovative approach to deal with a very serious traffic safety issue,” said Secretary White. “Statistics show breath alcohol ignition interlock devices are very effective in preventing subsequent DUI offenses. As Secretary of State, my office will continue to do everything within its power to make the roads of Illinois as safe as possible.”


Let’s all hope that Jo A. Trilling has an Epiphany while in jail, and quits drinking.

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Larry Lubell

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