What is an Insurance Adjuster?

Job of an Adjuster:
If you are involved in an auto accident there will be several steps and various people that will play a role in handling your claim. Each will be part of what it takes to get your case processed and get your car repaired back on the road. it is wise to understand the different jobs and how they fit together.
Your Agent is the first person you need to call, they will take down the basic information and help steer you to the proper contact in claims at that actual company. That representative will complete the claims form and assign your file to an “Adjuster’ They will help determine whether they believe you were at-fault, or instead, they can attempt to collect damages from the “Other party” involved with the accident.

Insurance AdjusterAn adjuster has different responsibilities, but in brief they are employed by a property/casualty insurer to evaluate losses and settle policyholder claims. They will be the chief contact between the insurance company and the body shop and will be key in calculating the amount of damages to your vehicle and assigning a repair facility to make the needed repairs.


They will ask for forms to be compleated and returned, often with other papers such as a police report; it is necessary for you to comply and te quicker you do, the quicker your car can get fixed.


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