How to Compare Car Insurance Rates

With the average price of a new car hitting $40,107, along with the skyrocketing expense of medical care; the cost of insurance claims are at record highs. Last year auto insurance companies paid out $184,669,308 dollars in claims. Comparing car insurance rates is essential to combating this rise and keeping your costs as low as possible.

Things to look for when you Compare Car Insurance Rates

Chicago Car Insurance rates

Prices can vary greatly between insurance companies.. The carrier that might offer the lowest rate on a middle-aged married couple might be one the highest on a 20-year-old male. This variation is not just true of age;
but exists for the type of car, neighborhood, driving record, and a list of other factors. While some companies sell direct through a captive agent force. Independent agents, like Urban Insurance Agency offer policies from several different insurance companies. It is for this reason that Urban Insurance will shop prices from a variety of companies looking for the best rate and coverage to meet your needs. We represent more than twenty companies in order to get the best coverage and most competitive rates.

Ask for all discounts.

At Urban Insurance we will search for discounts to save you money. We start by asking you questions, looking for information we can use to check for discounts .Do not make the costly mistake of just assuming that any company will automatically give you all of the discounts for which you might be eligible. It is important that you tell the agent the information needed. If you have a situation that you think might result in a lower rate, make sure to tell the agent,
There are many possible discounts that insurance companies commonly offer,  here are a few of the most common:

  • Multi-car Discounts and Multi policy Discounts
  • Renewal or Transfer Discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Anti-theft Devices such as alarms, Lojack and VIN etching
  • Safety Features including Air-bags, ABS, and electronic stability control
  • Three years “Claim-Free”
  • Defensive Driving courses

Understand the coverage you need

I will share with you a secret, insurance works best when it is used to protect against major losses rather than smaller claims. So when your car is new, or is being financed, of course it makes sense to purchase “Full Coverage” to protect your investment.. However if your auto is no longer a “late model,” or does not have a value over $3,000.00, it can make sense to switch to only liability coverage. We will be happy to provide you with a quote both ways.

At Urban Insurance Agency we offer rates from multiple auto insurance companies, and will Compare Car Insurance Rates to find the lowest rates for the coverage you need.


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