Driving safely in Snow

Driving Safely in SnowChicago is seeing the largest accumulation pf snow in decades, leaving people to dig their cars out after back-to-back storms piled up to as much as 30 inches across parts of the Chicago and suburbs. This weather causes slick conditions on our roads, and limits visibility; by noon today we already had 11 insureds report accidents, proving the importance of driving safely in snow.

When roads are covered with snow and ice it can present a challenge for even the best and most attentive driver. Your tires will not get the amount of traction you’re accustom to, and the reduction will not be even. There will be stretches of road where your car behaves normally, then suddenly your tires loose their grip. This effects the time you have to respond to obstacles. What doesn’t change is that there will always be people out in the roads who are not focused in their driving, and or believe they don’t need to alter their driving to match the weather.

Driving safely in Snow goes beyond slippery roads, heavy snow and wind can take down trees, power lines, and place other surprises in your path. City plows can result in snow piled as high as five feet at many intersections, resulting in approaching cars being hidden from view. Snow can also impact ice and hide pot-holes. Chicago streets, and traffic, can be tricky in the best of conditions; so remember to slow down and leave extra distance.

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