Insurance payments during Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown America has now entered into the longest Government Shutdown in our history. With over 800,00 government workers not receiving paychecks, most with families, that sudden loss of income will effect millions of Americans. At Urban Insurance Agency we will do our best to work with our customers who are federal employees, not being paid, by dropping late-charges on Insurance payments during government shutdown. Call us at 312-664-8088, explain that you are affected, and we will do our best to push-back a due date, drop a late-charge, or even accept a partial payment.
We at Urban understand that these events are not your fault, and we wish not to hold you responsible for the actions of our elected officials.
Some of the companies we represent are also trying to provide help we can extend to customers.

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We’re ready to help

We understand that a number of our shared customers are likely affected by the federal government shutdown, and we’re prepared to help them through this unanticipated hardship.

If you hear from any customers who are federal employees working without pay or furloughed from their federal job as a result of the current shutdown, please call Us.
Our service representatives are ready to help with billing issues, including the possible movement of billing due dates. Please be assured that we’ll offer this same counsel and service if your customers call us directly, too.

Again, we’re ready to help in any way we can—just call. Thank you for providing the personal care and guidance our customers have come to count on from trusted independent agents like you


Just give us a call at (312) 664-8088.

Our friendly and professional auto insurance agents are available to talk to you Monday – Saturday from 8:00A – 6:00P
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Insurance payments during Government Shutdown, ask your help.

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