What Does a SR22 Insurance Cover?

What Does a SR22 Cover?

Simply put, an SR22 is not a “Type of insurance” but rather the name of the form used by insurance companies to notify the state that you have met their requirement for liability insurance.

SR22 insurance is just the same as regular Car Insurance coverage, except that it provides a certificate to the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles that you have a policy of at least the required minimum liability coverage, and also
that your insurance company will notify them should the insurance ever get cancelled for any reason.

If you are told by the court that you need SR22, but don’t own a car- We can get you an SR22 policy for NON OWNERS.

If you DO own a car, then an SR22 can be added to a standard Car Insurance policy, for either Just liability or for Full Coverage.

Why do I need SR22?

The short answer is because if the judge, or the state said you do then NOT submitting the form will cause your license to be suspended, or stay suspended.

An SR22 is necessary anytime you wish to reinstate your license following a DMV suspension or revocation.
There are a variety of reasons that you might be required to show proof of SR-22 filing, they include: drunk driving suspensions, unpaid fines or parking violations; having an accident without car insurance; or even having your license suspended for failing the emissions test.

Urban Insurance has specialized in writing SR-22 policies for the past 5 decades.
At Urban Insurance, We will file the forms electronically directly to the state to get you straight with the state as quickly as possible.

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