How much does car insurance cost?

No one wants to over-pay for their policy: so how much does car insurance cost?

Urban has car insurance plans that start for as little as $35. How much car insurance insurance will cost you, is based on the insurance company calculating the likelihood of you having a claim, and how much will they have to pay if it happens.

Insurance companies collect data about every claim so as to be able to estimate the relative probability of you having an accident compared to their “Average driver.” The greater the risk- the higher the premium.
Young drivers cost more than experienced drivers, and young men cost more than young woman. Other factors include marital status, the city where you live. and of course, your driving record. Your prior insurance history will effect your car insurance cost as well, at Urban, We apply all Auto Insurance Discounts.

The car you drive also effects your rates. Sports cars cost more than sedans, and in general the more expensive the car- the higher the insurance.
At Urban we do not run your credit, and we can always start your insurance with a low down payment.


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