Insurance Requirements for Tow Trucks

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Towing information, insurance requirements for tow trucks

When your searching for Insurance for your Tow Truck, Turn to Urban Insurance. We have been a dependable source for Towing Insurance since 1961. No matter if you tow disabled autos, do reprocession or relocation work, or repair customer’s cars, Urban can get you the coverage your business needs. We understand the requirements that the Secretary of State has placed on Flatbeds and tow-trucks before giving out the “TW” plates needed to operate a towing company.

While it’s true that many other insurance companies have stopped offering Tow Truck coverage, Urban Insurance still has a variety of companies to provide your business with the coverages you need at the lowest rates.

We can fax or email you certificates for the Motor Clubs for whom you work. No matter is you have one Tow-truck or twenty trucks; we can quickly get you the coverage that you need while saving you money.

If you have a question, please contact us at 1-800-680-0707.

We can write Insurance for Towing companies throughout all of Illinois and Indiana.

Tow Trucks in Illinois are required to carry Commercial Auto Liability, Car on Hook Coverage as well as Garage Liability. Presently several Tow Truck owners have contacted Urban, looking to replace policies they had through Progressive after discovering that Progressive sold them policies without the required Garage Liability coverage.

It is our understanding that Progressive (While a good company) does not even offer Garage Liability coverage, despite the fact that it is required to legally obtain “Tow Truck Plates” in Illinois. It appears that some certificates were worded in a way that let them slip past the Secretary of State’s office. It also seems clear that the Secretary of State in Illinois, has now caught their mistake, It is this reason that so many Tow Truck owners are switching their policies away from Progressive Insurance, and turning to Urban Insurance.

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