Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly

Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly.

Even before Roswell introduced the world to the term flying saucers, we were told our future would be one where flying cars whisked us around town. When “The Jetsons” premiered in 1962 nobody was surprised that George Jetson’s commute to his office did not involve roads. Despite the predictions and phantasies, our vehicles have remained on the ground.

A 21-year-old woman living in Tallahassee found a terrifying way to get her car air-born. Travelling at an excessive rate of speed, she collided with a car carrier that had its ramp down to load a nearby vehicle, which caused her to drive up the ramp, then fly forward. Without wings or any way to sustain forward momentum, her flight was short and ended with her auto striking another car. I must assume that the driver of the other car could never have guessed that his day would involve a car landing on top of his.The accident involved injuries; but no deaths. The police want to speak to the driver to hear her side of the events; however, her condition has not yet permitted such an interview.               Scroll Down for video.

We insure many towing companies, fortunately none have ever reported any autos using their equipment to launch a car.


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