What You Will Need For an Auto Insurance Quote

Auto Insurance Questions

Getting an Auto insurance quote is the first step in determining which company you choose as your insurance provider. Before getting a Chicago auto insurance quote, its advisable to gather together the variety of information needed to make the process go smoothly, and to guarantee an accurate quote.



Personal information

As an Insurance agent I don’t like peppering you with questions, and that’s why we at Urban, ask the minimum number of personal questions to needed to determine how much your insurance will cost. Be prepared to give your date of birth, address, occupation, and marital status.

*The questions are designed to assess risk, as well as our attempt to search for every possible discount. For example, many carriers offer a discount if you own your residence. You will be asked for your zip code. Your zip code plays a significant role in your insurance rate. People living in rural areas will often pay less for auto insurance than those living in cities, based on statistical data.

* You may balk at some of this information, but there is a reason that professionals ask these questions; but all questions are part of the insurance estimate calculation.

Current insurance

Statistics show that people that have had continuous insurance over several years have a lower loss rate; so agents will ask about your current auto insurance situation. Usually this includes your current insurance provider, how long you have been insured with that company, and what bodily injury limits you carry.If you are not currently insured, do not be embarrassed, it is quite common and it is in your interest not to misstate information. It is possible for insurance company to check and getting caught can lower your chances of obtaining auto insurance, and even more scary, if not discovered until after you have had a claim, it cant be used to “Null and Void” your policy, leaving you with no coverage for the claim. Remember honesty is your best policy when obtaining free quotes.

Driving information

Chicago auto insurance regulators require you submit driving information as part of the free quote process. When asked if you have any recent traffic violations or accidents, answer honestly. Once again, the information can easily be checked against the state’s insurance database. Fabricating factors may hinder you from getting auto insurance coverage, result in you receiving an additional bill to reflect the accurate information..

Vehicle information

All insurance agencies, including the Chicago auto insurance company you are dealing with, will need your vehicle information to determine your coverage rate. Be prepared to give your car’s make, model, and year to the representative. You will need your VIN # (vehicle identification number) in some cases you could be asked your car’s current odometer reading. The odometer reading is your car’s mileage. If you state that you are interested in “Full Coverage”, You also will be asked how much of a deductible you want. $250, $500 or $1,000 are the most common, its’ great to keep in mind- a Higher deductibles results in lower premiums.

Other Drivers 

Insurance companies have a clause in their contracts that draws a distinction between “Regular Customary Drivers” and others that might drive your car.Insurance companies require that you list all residents age 15 years and older residing in the household, or any other driver who is a regular customary driver. Be careful in include, or at least ask guidance from your agent.

.Getting an auto insurance quote requires a bit of preparation, research, and organization. This process is not to be taken lightly. Making a list of all potential questions and answers will save time and frustration for all parties involved. Putting all your information in one place will make the process go as fluidly as possible. By providing the needed info for an Auto Insurance Quote, You can save time and money. Urban Insurance has been helping customers navigate through the lists of insurance requirements, and we are happy to answer your questions.


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