Average Car Insurance Rates in Illinois

car-insurance--rate-illinois-streetWith billions of dollars spent on car insurance advertisements each year, it is interesting to see where the average cost of auto insurance in Illinois ranks compared to other states. The amount of money insurance companies charge is, or at least should be, tied to the costs they experience in each state. Based on that, one might expect to find a clear pattern, for example states with harsh winters or disproportionately large urban populations with higher rates; but no such pattern is revealed. That leaves one searching for other factors, such as each state’s laws, average jury settlements and competition.

Illinois is a state where a very large number of companies compete fiercely for Auto Insurance customers, this helps reduce the rates to among the lower quarter in the nation putting Illinois insurance rates at less than half of what they are in Louisiana. At Urban Insurance, our average cost of a policy is $788 per year, or 41% less that the average cost of a car insurance policy in Illinois.

Average Car Insurance Rates for 2013

Below is a list of car insurance rates
Arranged by state.

Avg. annual premium*
1Louisiana $  2,699
2Michigan $  2,520
3Georgia $  2,155
4Oklahoma $  2,074
5Washington, D.C. $  2,006
6Montana $  1,914
7California $  1,819
8West Virginia $  1,816
9Rhode Island $  1,735
10Kentucky $  1,725
11Connecticut $  1,723
12New Jersey $  1,697
13Alabama $  1,667
14Missouri $  1,638
15Massachusetts $  1,625
16Pennsylvania $  1,604
17Delaware $  1,586
18Hawaii $  1,583
19Texas $  1,545
20Arkansas $  1,545
21Maryland $  1,528
National average $  1,510
22North Dakota $  1,501
23Wyoming $  1,496
24Alaska $  1,455
25Utah $  1,438
26Kansas $  1,435
27Minnesota $  1,432
28New Mexico $  1,431
29Tennessee $  1,408
30South Dakota $  1,397
31Oregon $  1,387
32Nebraska $  1,384
33New York $  1,369
34Florida $  1,364
35Mississippi $  1,345
36Nevada $  1,341
37Virginia $  1,322
38Illinois $  1,322
39South Carolina $  1,288
40Colorado $  1,271
41Wisconsin $  1,228
42Arizona $  1,227
43Washington $  1,226
44Indiana $  1,183
45Vermont $  1,176
46Idaho $  1,133
47New Hampshire $  1,112
48Ohio $  1,106
49North Carolina $  1,085
50Iowa $  1,028
51Maine $     934
Source: Insure.com.* Costs shown are an average of insurance rates for more than 750 vehicles in the 2013 model year.

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  • BBB Car InsuranceYour car is one of your largest single purchases; so it is critical that your car insurance is with a company you can trust. Urban Insurance has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and has 50 years experience writing auto insurance in Illinois.

    When searching for car insurance, it’s great to be able to get an insurance quote online; however sometimes you want to be able to talk to directly to an insurance agent and get clear answers over the phone, or in person; With Urban Insurance, we are here to answer your questions.  Urban Auto Insurance was one of the first local Insurance Agencies in Chicago to bring car insurance online.  Urban Insurance has been an innovator in “Online auto insurance” for more than a decade, as a part of our 50-year history.

    We at Urban, understand how hard you work for your money; that is why we search more than 15 different companies in order to find you the lowest Auto Insurance rates. Our rates can save you hundreds of dollars per year on your car insurance.


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