Law to end Texting while driving!

Sighting an ever growing body of research confirming that drivers distracted by electrical devices have accident rate similar to that of drunk drivers,  yesterday Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood addressed the idea of preventing such distractions. The Secretary made it clear that he doesn’t want drivers texting, tweeting, toying with the GPS or dialing in any car while that car in moving.  Evid...
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The danger of Texting while driving!

The danger of Texting while driving, claimed it's latest victim; this time a your girl. This case is particularly troublesome because it was her own father who's texting led to her death. Jonathan Harp of Lima, pleaded guilty to attempted vehicular homicide in the accident that took the life of one of his children and left the other in critical care. According to his own admission,Mr. Harp was ...
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