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Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly

Using a Tow Truck to Make a Car Fly.Even before Roswell introduced the world to the term flying saucers, we were told our future would be one where flying cars whisked us around town. When "The Jetsons" premiered in 1962 nobody was surprised that George Jetson's commute to his office did not involve roads. Despite the predictions and phantasies, our vehicles have remained on the ground. A 21-...
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Self-driving car accidents, are the roads ready for autonomous autos?

Google has been heavily promoting their experimental autonomous autos as the near-future’s answer to safer roads. With 11 self-driving car accidents, some people are asking the question, are these cars safe enough for public use? First let’s look at the basic data behind these accidents.California has 48 “self-driving cars,” in the past six months 4 of them have been in an auto accident; as a...
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Law to end Texting while driving!

Sighting an ever growing body of research confirming that drivers distracted by electrical devices have accident rate similar to that of drunk drivers,  yesterday Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood addressed the idea of preventing such distractions. The Secretary made it clear that he doesn’t want drivers texting, tweeting, toying with the GPS or dialing in any car while that car in moving.  Evid...
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What Do I Do If I’m in a Car Accident?

First, always keep an inexpensive disposable camera in your glove compartment to take pictures of the vehicles, the scene, and the people involved. This helps prove who was actually there. Don't be shy about using it! Make sure your current proof of Insurance is in your glove compartment at all times. (It's also the Law). Make sure you get all the relevant details from the other person, or persons...
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