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Carjacking Skyrockets in Chicago

Carjacking Skyrockets in ChicagoAs Carjacking Skyrockets in Chicago fear spreads to areas that are often thought of as safe havens. Chicago is not alone, cities all across the United States are witnessing record increases in auto thefts and carjackings in recent years. Thissudden rise is in contrast to over nearly 20 years of declining numbers. While both carjackings, and the more common th...
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Merchant Circle Is Proud to list Urban Insurance Agency as a Top Merchant

Merchant Circle Is Proud to list Urban Insurance Agency as a Top Merchant.Urban is a Chicago insurance agency with over 58 years of experience, and an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau.As a part of the community Urban Insurance Agency understands the insurance laws and requirements of Illinois,and has options to provide the policies you need.Which is why we find that Urban Insurance ...
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$25,000/$50,000,/$20,000 Auto insurance in Illinois

In 1989 the Illinois General Assembly voted to require all motorists to carry auto liability insurance. At that time, Auto insurance liability limits in Illinois were set at a minimum of $20,000/ $40,000/ $15,000, and for more than 25 years those same limits have remained. Effective January 1, 2015 a new law increases the mandatory minimum auto liability insurance coverage’s to $25,000/$50,000...
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Saving money on Car Insurance

  I get over 100 channels on my TV, yet it  seem like every other commercial is for a company selling Car Insurance? Perhaps the fact that I sell "Car Insurance" has left me “Hyper-aware” of Auto Insurance commercials, truth is that it is not my imagination; auto insurance advertising has skyrocketed from $600 million in 2003 to more than $1.9 billion in 2008. And the spending has only i...
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Driving for Uber or Lyft – We have the Insurance you Need.

Larry Lubell Technology is a great thing and I love that we live in a country where people are rewarded for “Building a better mouse trap;” and in some real ways Uber, Lyft and Sidecar are “Better-Mousetraps,” – they also expose drivers to great financial risks when driving without uber or lyft insurance. On New Year’s Eve, Sofia Liu age 6 was killed and her mother and brother seriously i...
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The 4 Most Common Car Repairs

It's a nightmare that every car-owner has, you take your car in for general service and are told you need hundreds of dollars of additional repairs? You are not alone, most of us have been surprised by bad news. It makes you wonder if your getting ripped off or if you actually need to have the repairs done. Here is a guide to understand the most common car repairs that will help your car stay in...
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What to do after an Auto Accident

Car Accidents and reporting claimsWhat do I do if I have an accident? In the 50 years that Urban Insurance has been in business, we have never spoken to a single customer that was “Happy” to have just been involved in an accident. The truth is accidents happen to even the best of drivers. When an accident does occur you need to remain calm, collect the needed information and make a timely rep...
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Are the Contents of My Car Covered?

If I have Full coverage on my car, is the stuff inside my car covered on my car insurance? I mean my radio, my wheels, DVD player and all? What about my Laptop? The answer is Yes and No. Insurance companies make a distinction between "Standard equipment" and "Custom equipment," Equipment that was factory installed is considered "Part of the auto" and is covered, "Custom equipment" is ...
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Stopped for DUI ?

Do you have a pending Hearing in Traffic Court?If you have been stopped for DUI or DWI, the judge will want to see proof of current Auto Insurance, and verification that have your insurance company has filed the required SR22 form with the State Of Illinois. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are serious violations which can result in you loosing your lic...
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Law to end Texting while driving!

Sighting an ever growing body of research confirming that drivers distracted by electrical devices have accident rate similar to that of drunk drivers,  yesterday Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood addressed the idea of preventing such distractions. The Secretary made it clear that he doesn’t want drivers texting, tweeting, toying with the GPS or dialing in any car while that car in moving.  Evid...
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