New State Law: “The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law”

Effective 08/30/2019, The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law will require all companies writing auto insurance in Illinois to provide daily reports to the Secretary of State updating them on all policies started, and any policy that has been cancelled. Companies will send their data, electronically, to the Illinois Verification System (ILIVS), there all insurance will be matched against the list of all registered vehicles. The system will confirm that EVERY auto is legally insured; and since all Car Insurance liability cancellations will be reported to the State of Illinois, the ILIS system guarantees insurance remains in force.

Purpose of “The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law” (IL HB 2610).

The new law is in response to an overwhelming number of consumer complaints that they we hit by a motorist driving an uninsured vehicle. At Urban Insurance, a day rarely passes that at least one of our customers reports an accident where they were struck by an uninsured motorist. These claims raise the cost of insurance for all responsible drivers who follow the law and maintain the required liability insurance coverage.

How will the Secretary of State verify Car Insurance Liability?

The Illinois Verification System (ILIVS) will verify Car Insurance Liability by matching the VIN #s for every registered vehicle, against a daily updated list of every vehicle with active auto liability insurance. Simply put, the State knows every car registered, and can now confirm that each car is insured. Insurance companies are required to use ILIVS to notify the Secretary of State of any change of car endorsements, and, or, any Car Insurance liability cancellations.

The police will also have real-time access to The Illinois Verification System, allowing them to confirm car insurance at the time you are stopped, or in the event of an accident.

• It is important to not let a car insurance policy cancel in order to avoid the fines, fees, and suspensions.
• Courts will have access to the Illinois Secretary of State Car insurance database. This is to verify if cars had insurance during accidents or at the time a citation was issued for driving uninsured.
• Convictions can result in your license plates being suspended and a minimum $500 fine for driving uninsured.
• A minimum $1,000 fine can be charged to those caught driving a vehicle with license plates suspended based on a prior insurance violation


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Public Act 100-0373 The Electronic Car Insurance Verification Law“Car Insurance liability cancellations will be reported to the State of Illinois



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